Fiscal and Foreign Trade Forum

On May 23, 2024, CONCE successfully participated in the Fiscal and Foreign Trade Forum, organized by INDEX CHIHUAHUA. More than 180 participants gathered to analyze various Topics of impact on our manufacturing industry.



Comprehensive Conciliation of Customs Inventories

On April 18, 2024, CONCE participated in the presentation on the topic COMPREHENSIVE RECONCILIATION OF CUSTOMS INVENTORIES. The Lic. Mario Ivan Olivas Rodríguez, Director of CONCE, presented this topic of high interest for the maquiladora industry and participants in the Foreign Trade and Customs environment.



Binational Business Program THE BRIDGE ACCELERATOR

Since April 16, 2024, CONCE has been participating in The Bridge Accelerator program organized by T-hub, this binational development program designed for small and medium-sized supplier companies in the region, located on the border between the United States and Mexico.   Ciudad Juarez and El Paso constitute one of the[…]



Course on Comprehensive Conciliation of Customs Inventories

  On December 5th, CONCE offered its clients and the public involved in the subject of Foreign Trade, the course on Comprehensive Reconciliation of Customs Inventories. It was attended by representatives of the Maquiladora industry, Commercial and prestigious Universities of Mexico and the United States in person and virtually. Mtro.[…]

Security certification under CTPAT / OEA standards

On October 14, 2023, CONCE Consultants in Foreign Trade and Customs, approved the audit carried out by CELC (Coalición Empresarial Pro Libre Comercio), based on the TPAT and OEA standards. It is necessary that CONCE is updated in its procedures of Physical Security, Personnel, Logistics and Cybersecurity to give certainty[…]



Drug Use Awareness Course

On August 4, 2023, the DRUG USE AWARENESS course was taught to the staff of CONCE Consultants in Foreign Trade and Customs. In order to make staff aware of the danger posed by the consumption of toxic substances within their facilities. CONCE, concerned about this aspect, gave anti-drug talks, which[…]



Entrepreneurs trained on foreign trade reforms

In order to know the characteristics, benefits, obligations and compliance of the Immex programs, a refresher course was given for companies. The Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Export Services Program allows the correct administration and control of customs services. Several experts participated in the training course and evaluated topics of interest regarding[…]



T-MEC Part I

CONCE Consultants in Foreign Trade and Customs Agency We share this video, first part of several to be made, on the importance of NAFTA and T-MEC in our country Stay tuned for the next video on chapters 4 and 5 As well as a special one of qualification methods and[…]



MTY Manufacturing Expo 2020

From February 11 to 13, 2020, the Monterrey Manufacturing Expo is held, where Buyers and Suppliers for Industry and Commerce converge in Mexico and the World. CONCE Consultants in Foreign Trade and Customs shared business ideas with visitors to its Stand, the Manufacturing Industry, Commercial area, Service Companies, Distributors and Suppliers in[…]

Refresher course on Foreign Trade for companies IMMEX 2021-2022

Course on Comprehensive Conciliation of Customs Inventories


Consultants In Foreign Trade

CONCE, Foreign Trade Consultants, is a group of foreign trade specialists, who gather the experience, knowledge and skills to advise multinational companies as well as small and medium-sized companies, in the administration of foreign trade operations in Mexico, the United States of America and other countries with our clients interested in conducting their commercial exchanges.


Customs Procedures advising MX


Customs Brokerage & Distribution Center EUA


Legal Services


Foreign Trade Services


In our service portfolio we provide advisory services for customs clearance of foreign trade merchandise for importing or exporting from Mexico, transits through national and international territory, virtual transfers, fiscal deposit operations, tariff classification of merchandise; management and consulting for procedures before any government agency for its corresponding import into Mexico, specialized advice, training in various customs law matters, administration of customs departments of maquiladoras, advice on issues related to foreign trade systems (Annexes 24, 30, etc.), support for legal representatives and / or customs brokers of companies, among others.


We have a multidisciplinary team knowledgeable in the areas: legal, informatics, operational and technical that allow you to manage your foreign trade procedures with a necessary security and enforceable quality in the dynamic and changing customs environment that will support you at all times to carry out your operations with eagerness, care, efficiency and effectiveness.


Tariff classification
Review of merchandise subject to be imported

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Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods

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Preparation of invoices and crossing documents.

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Assistance in inspection acts/ powers of verification of the customs authorities

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Certifications in foreign trade (AEO, VAT)

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Specialized consultancies

Preventive audits/ diagnosis

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Annual update of the Customs Department

Changes to Foreign Trade Regulations (Customs Law, Foreign Trade Law, etc.)

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Places of Interest

We have specialized knowledge in the management of all existing customs regimes, in Fiscal Deposit operations, administration of IMMEX, PROSEC, SECIIT programs, VAT-IEPS certifications, program audits of Authorized Economic Operator, marketers, handling of sensitive imports and knowledge for the advice and customs clearance of goods from practically all economic sectors: electrical, electronic, automotive, medical, chemical, steel, aeronautical, textile and clothing, among others.


We are convinced that the key to providing excellent service is to focus on values ​​that allow us to characterize ourselves as a unique competitive advantage, focused on:

  • Investment in our staff through training and knowledge enrichment.
  • Focus on the systematization of processes. Automation, IT tools and communications to reduce or eliminate margins of error, increase efficiency and effectiveness in communicating with our clients about their operations and legal changes.
  • Security. Enable contingency plans supported, validation of information through preventive audits, certifications and monitoring established procedures.
  • Continuous improvement. Trend by pro-activity in changes to reduce response times, improve customer relationship, in a virtuous circle.